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One more tidbit to share.

Baby was in for detailing yesterday. Back to a place that did it about 6 
months ago. I was pleased when I called for her because a lot of the little 
annoying road warrior scratches were gone. However....

When I got home and went to get my mats out of the trunk I saw that whoever 
vacuumed the inside of the trunk must have bashed my CD changer (practically 
new and just recently working again) and knocked the cover off track and it 
will not go back. I called immediately and the owner said bring it back, 
he'll try to fix it. TRY? Then it gets better...I go to put the rear mats in 
place and see something on the leather. Several areas in the middle of the 
back seat had spots where the (ecru) finish was literally rubbed off!!!! No 
one even sits back there, I mean it was like brand new! I was out of my mind 
by then. 

Ill be blocking his driveway first thing tomorrow morning.

And...you want to know what really gets me? The moron (maybe 2 morons) who 
did these things *knew it* and never said a word or tried to fix it or 

I am really ticked.

Dee, I feel sorry for anyone who comes near me tomorrow
95A6q pearl...blemished : (