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Re: coupla MC motor questinons..

>  Except that you now change the forces acting on the cam lobes and when
>  stiffer springs are used - to handle higher rpms that are usually the
>  dwelling place of extra ponies - you end up with a highly stressed valve
>  train more likely to suffer a catastrophic failure at a most inopportune
>  moment.

Phil's question wasn't "why would you want to do this" but "how is this 
possible," which I answered.  Compromise is a way of life and while 
re-grinding a cam with a smaller base circle isn't the ideal way of getting 
the profile you want, it is often the only way to accomplish when good 
quality blanks aren't available.  (Besides, why would you want a cam that 
makes power at higher rpms in a 10v MC motor?)