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200q parking brakes final chapter

well i finished off the fred munro parking brake and caliper
operation and would add a few comments to the procedure

1.  the parking brake levers on my calipers were seized
     in the on position.   once i released the old cables
     the levers could be worked back to the original off
     position.  i popped out the levers from the caliper,
     cleaned and lubed them then pushed them back in.
     once they were pressed back in, the brakes were
     partially applied even with the levers in the full off
     position.  so i had to remove the caliper from the
     carrier and turn the pistons back into the caliper 
     so that the wheel turned freely once the caliper was

2.  as fred suggests this is a good time to check the 
     guide pins.   the right side guide pins were almost
     completely dried out on my car.

3.  at first inspection it appeared both my cables were
     seized so i bought new ones for both sides of the
     car.   turns out the drivers side was fine and i did 
     not need the cable.  as another lister mentioned the
     right side of tends to go through more puddles and
     as a result is most likely to rust first.

4.  it took alot of patience and wd40 to work the adjusting
     nut loose on the parking brake.  i did discover that there
     is actually two nuts there.  one to set and one to lock.
     after i set the brake i sprayed the adjuster with white
     lithium grease so its protected for next time.

brakes working fine and sure is nice to have a parking
brake again.  next project is that annoying rattle which
i believe is a bushing in the trap arm.

special thanks to fred munro, tony lum and phil payne, 
without whose help i could not have finished this work.

don henry