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RE: 200q trapezodial arm bushings

I have, a couple of times...........
You have to remove the arm and press it out, might as well do all of them, a
bit of a pain but not too bad. Most of the bushing you can get aftermarket
but one set has to be dealer only.
Look it up in the "family album".
Take care,

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Subject: 200q trapezodial arm bushings

anyone got a btdt on replacing these.

have the most annoying rattle coming
from the right rear of my 1990 200q.

only thing i can find is that the bushing
where the trap arm is attached to the
subframe appears to have deteriorated.

my car is low mileage (58 thous) and
most of the bushings look fine.

it is bushing numbered 11 on page
42.17a in the bentley.  also good
illustration of these on blau's page
at http://www.audiquattroparts.com/bushings.htm