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Re: Diagnostic software

"RON WOOD" <vw-audisport@worldnet.att.net> writes:

>I spoke with them (Baum Tools) about replacing a damaged interface 
>from my
>VW Tools package, if they were available, and they are not due to the
>pending takeover of the licensing rights, it alone was $500 !!. I'm
>sure one of several tech types could replicate them though. I would 
>expect any price cuts or real help from them, oh well.

I wish them luck selling their software/accessories, a friend who has a
shop has just picked up the a used 1551 with printer and updated "prom
card" (or whatever the card is called) for $950.00 from the local Mac
tool guy. Tool guy said he was paying more for them than the dealers
could get elsewhere.  I plugged it into the V8Q, no revelations at all,
just the same info I could get from a test light and the repair manual,
only with a purdy printout.  



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