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RE: 90 V8Q Axle

Can't you pack the joint/joints yourself, or have someone do it for you?
what do you mean by "bad" outer?
Rebuilt axles are usually a piece of sh**t............just because the axle
comes all sealed (rubber boots) Does Not mean the inside are  good!
Take care,
I know I know, exceptions do occur! I am sure there some good rebuilt axles
out there..............

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Subject: 90 V8Q Axle

Been trying to buy a passenger side axle for a V8Q auto. Everyone lists one,
but they are out of stock. Prices have ranged from 65 to 120 exchange, so
price is right, but no one has one in stock and have no idea of when they
will get one. Anyone know of a source? I would settle for a decent outer CV
joint, as I know a rebuilder that can take care of it, but doesn't have a
good outer to work with.
Rex Pedersen
85 5ks
86 5ks wagon
87 5ks Q
90 V8Q