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Re: Ur-Q ... buyer's market or seller's market?

Yes, there are other machines out there that may provide the same
experience, but they are not Urquattros.  Even if the experience is less
than other cars for same or less money, I want to keep the Urquattro in my
garage for it has great emotional value to me as a part of Audi's heritage.

I spent $20K for the car 1.5yrs ago and have since then spent an equal
amount in its restoration  including complete leather RR interior, new 8"
Ronals/P-Zeros.  The car is a stock '88 MB save for the interior, Konis, and
an MTM modified ECU and associated bits for an extra 20-30 hp.  The power is
on par with an RR now, and the unmistakeable sound of the 10-valve engine
will keep me from trading for an RR.  The odometer now reads 390K km, but
she feels like new at 220km/h plus...

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland

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From: Dave Eaton <Dave.Eaton@clear.net.nz>


>alternatively, reason tells me that there are cheaper cars which will
>possibly match the driving experience of the torsen ur-quattro 20v, and
>more of these cars will become available over time.  i could purchase 3
>subaru wrx's for the money tied up in the ur-quattro, and throw them away
>after 2 years each (par for the course with subies), and still have 6 years
>of enjoyable motoring.