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Residual pressure leakdown

> Thanks for the advice, I will check them.  Just curious though, if
> it was a leaky injector the fuel would be leaking into the
> cylinder, right?
>  Wouldn't I then get a smell of gas out the exhaust (while
> cranking), and even the occasional catch and misfire while
> cranking?  Just to be totally clear when this car does not start
> right away, there is nothing but cranking.  Absolutely no catch or
> misfire at all.  This has led me to believe that it isn't the
> injectors, but I am willing to be proven wrong.  Also, the
> injector cooling fan does work.  I hear it coming on all the
> time.

No, you can't smell leaky injectors and the symptoms are exactly as you
describe.  The leakage only goes into the cylinders if the inlet valves
open, and most are shut at any given time.  It puddles on the back of
the inlet valves and evaporates back into the inlet system.  Some makes
its way down into the oil.

 Phil Payne
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