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Re: 90 V8Q Axle

The cage is cracked, so it needs more than packing. The rest isn't bad, but
would need new balls. Axles don't seem to be Rocket science. A few different
types of CV joint parts seem to adapt to most axles, with the exception of
the V8 outer. A rebuilt sometimes can be risky, but the price is normally a
LOT better than a NEW CV. They are easy enough to replace if they go bad,
which normally is right away and under a warranty. It is a lot less of a
hassle to buy a rebuilt than buy 2 new boots and hope you get the crimp
right. Just my opinion, from a cheapo... A guy who has 4 Audis and does most
of the work himself. The ONLY way I can afford to do it on my income.
Rex Pedersen
85 5ks
86 5ks wagon
87 5ks Q
90 V8Q

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> Rex
> Can't you pack the joint/joints yourself, or have someone do it for you?
> what do you mean by "bad" outer?
> Rebuilt axles are usually a piece of sh**t............just because the
> comes all sealed (rubber boots) Does Not mean the inside are  good!
> Take care,
> Avi
> I know I know, exceptions do occur! I am sure there some good rebuilt
> out there..............
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> Subject: 90 V8Q Axle
> Been trying to buy a passenger side axle for a V8Q auto. Everyone lists
> but they are out of stock. Prices have ranged from 65 to 120 exchange, so
> price is right, but no one has one in stock and have no idea of when they
> will get one. Anyone know of a source? I would settle for a decent outer
> joint, as I know a rebuilder that can take care of it, but doesn't have a
> good outer to work with.
> Rex Pedersen
> 85 5ks
> 86 5ks wagon
> 87 5ks Q
> 90 V8Q