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Re: Re: coupla MC motor questinons..

In a message dated 9/22/99 5:38:14 PM, audi@mediaone.net wrote:

<<re: cam grinding, try talking to Elgin Cams - word is they're always
busy cause they're good.  They say this on the Ford truck list as well. 
I called once, they said they could do an Audi 5 cyl cam no problem.>>

I 've used Elgin cams before.....In Redwood City Ca.......when I did a Saab 
v4 Turbo build
It was only about $200 If I can remember......and half of that was for cam 
with an Audi they might already have the profiles...or If a bunch of lister's 
were to send in cams ...that would lower price as well