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Re: coupla MC motor questinons..

In a message dated 9/23/99 8:50:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time, OorQue@aol.com 

<< Actually, it's not ... especially if you're talking about using a German 
 chill-hardened blank.  As for valves with longer stems, it's my experience 
 that most cam changes are accompanied by a rebuilt head and many aftermarket 
 valves come with longer stems as a matter of course.  If not, then lash caps 
 are a few bucks a handful...

    You both seem to be forgeting that for an Audi owner with a hydraulic 
lifter head, cam blanks are infact very plentiful and practically free...from 
the solid lifter head motors.  I cant understand why you keep diverting back 
to a much more difficult and poor solution when such an easy one is evident...