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Re: 5KCSTQ -- Jump Starting

The type 44's have an under-hood positive power terminal, Richard, usually
covered by a plastic cap.  In my '87 5kcstq, it's located in front of the
air filter housing.  I don't have your lights, so if, as I've read here,
they project backward considerably, they may be covering up the little
plastic box encasing the jumper post.  Mine has a large red cable going
toward the engine, which I assume leads to the starter.

Kneale Brownson

At 10:11 AM 9/23/99 -0500, Richard Haroutunian wrote:
>I ran into a big ol' hassle yesterday when I went to drive my 5KCSTQ.
>It hadn't been drive daily for a while, so the battery was pretty weak -
>and it wouldn't turn over.
>I vaguely remember someone mentioning that there were jump-start terminals
>somewhere on the engine.  I looked everywhere of them, but couldn't locate
>them.  I figured maybe they were somewhere under the eurolights -- those
>lights/relays/wires take up a bunch o space.
>Can someone tell me where these terminals are so I don't have to jump start
>my back seat and have some shmuck ask me what the hell I'm doin'?
>87 5KCSTQ
>85 4KSQ
>82 VW Cabriolet
>97 Landcsuiser