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(Fwd) Re: strut slotted nut tool?


Hey, I just came across my receipt for the tool we discussed before.

The name of the company is Skyway Tool Company.  The web address 
is http://www.skywaytools.com/.

The tool cost me $16.45 with shipping ($12.95+3.50).

I hope this helps.  


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SO much easier with the correct tool.  You have told me before 
that you used the same method I used to, the old "big needle nose 
vice grips vertically inserted into the slots and turned" method.  
This sufficed until I needed to do it off-car.  It's difficult/impossible 
to hold the strut rod static using this method.  Not to mention, it 
can be harmful to the threads and slot.

I got the actual tool from, um, that place that advertises in the back 
of EC.  It wasn't zelenda, and it was a short name.  Shoot, I 
thought it would come to me before I typed this much.  If you still 
need the name, let me know and I will look it up when I am home.

Btw, I _had_ to order the thing.  I could not find it anywhere locally 
in any of the specialty shops or the like.

You know, you could try a Snap On truck.



Fluhr <ejfluhr@austin.ibm.com> wrote:
> Does anyone know who sells the correct tool for removing/tightening
> the slotted nut on 4K/Coupe struts?
> With as many times as I do this job, I might as well finally get the
> right tool...