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Snow Tahrs & rims for bigger brakes on type 44s

Question for the type 44 owners who have changed to bigger brakes:

My 200 20V TQW still has the UFO (internal caliper) brakes, which I plan

to someday replace with some sort of Caliper/Rotor combo that will fit
a 16 inch rim.

Since I want to have snow tires and steel rims for the winter, and don't
to have to replace them once I do the upgrade, I need
on what will fit the UFOs now, and the upgrade later, which I believe
that I need a 45mm offset, correct?

Should I just order a 5 x 112, 45mm offset stell rim w/ 205/55, 205/60s?

stock is 215/60 R15....

John Karasaki, Bob Dupree, Graydon, Scott J, Greg Amy, anyone?



-Peter Schulz
1991 200 20v TQW mit UFOs
1990 CQ mit G60s