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adios old friend (ode to a CQ)

I settled with the insurance company today on the CQ.
As much as I wanted to see the car have a fitting end (such as a shell
for my mechanic's rally car) or at least part it out to enthusiasts, 
it was too difficult to negotiate on the salvage end, since it appears
that the car really is worth $4200 to a salvage company somewhere.

Instead, I faxed in listings found on the net for comparable cars and
they upped their offer and I ended up with $9500 when all was said and
done.  Not a bad deal, really.

I will have some items for sale soon:

- Bentley manuals (2 volumes)
- Parts fiche printed in a 3 ring binder
- Stock airbox
- 4 15" steel rims with Dunlop Graspics, 1-2 seasons left on them and
wheel covers
- misc odds and ends buried somewhere in my garage

Certain people have first dibbs on these, but feel free to make offers.

Someone asked about an ashtray - I do have that, as well as the Zebrano
piece that goes above it.  Sadly, the euro lights and Scorpion will go
with the car, since I could not remove them without raising a red flag.
Likewise, the week-old Touring TA tires and unique BBS Pininfarina rims
are going too.

I will try to find out where the salvage ends up, just for kicks.
Besides the wheels/tires, lights, exhaust, bomb, I figure the tranny and
rear diff, along with the head, are about all that will be useful if the
car is parted soon.  Oh, the Koni/Eibachs setup too.

Seeya old pal.

Special thanks to Eric Renneisen, whose 20v.org site made ownership of
this great car possible.

| Dan |
Dan Simoes
iClick, Inc.				email:dans@iclick.com
410 Saw Mill River Road, LL135		voice:914-693-0837
Ardsley, NY 10502			fax:914-693-1055