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RE: Dash lights 91 model 80

Len Ferrara said:
>Suddenly, the wife's car has no dash lights. They're >the only thing NOT
>functioning. Fuse and other lights on the circuit are >fine. Manual says
>there are 5 bulbs illuminating this dash. I find it >hard to believe that
>all 5 went at the same time. I suspect some plug, but >where and why? I
>get no response from the dash light dimmer (culprit?).
>TIA as usual.

I remember a long time ago someone saying that the dimmer can cause this and you could clean it with WD40 and that would solve it.  It was so long ago, I don't remember what car it was for or who posted it...but that would be a start....

Christian Long (and Breeze Long)
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