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Re: SUV Bite - Can't Open A4 Hood

I do recall about 4 years ago, on Christmas eve.  I was driving through
a parking lot when an Amigo (Isuzu).  Backed into me.  It bashed a
headlight the hood and a piece of trim under the light.  To the point.

At the time my pearl white 93 90CS was a lease car, that I didn't plan
on keeping.  I asked the dealer who suggested a local shop to paint the
car.  I used their recommendation, and the car came out looking
beautiful.  All's well until a year later.  The hood and trim piece
started chipping and hasn't stopped.  Ironically, there is an identical
trim piece on the other light.  It has never chipped in 6-years and
100K miles.  The repainted side has chipped numerous times.  I have to
use the touch up paint regularly, which doesn't match up that well.

Daniel Adams

--- Douglas Fifield <mcfield@minn.net> wrote:
> There were no marks on the SUV or on the A4 bumper, but the SUV's
> externally mounted tire put two creases in the top front of the A4
> hood,
> about 2" long, marking the outside radius of the tire. I wanted to
> die.
> The wife turned on the frosters and things were miserable for the
> remainder of the weekend.
> The damage to the hood appears to be limited to the two dents, but I
> can't open it to look for more. It pops up when the inside latch is
> pulled, but the plastic tang that comes out of the four rings and
> releases the safety catch is bound up by the deformity in the hood.
> It
> comes partially out, but will not travel the distance needed to
> actuate
> the safety release.
> Are there any A4 owners out there who have some advise? I am
> reluctant
> to use too much force. Is there a way of manipulating the linkage
> from
> the outside with a long tool? Any suggestions welcome. Once I get the
> hood open, I still have to deal with the dents and a possible paint
> job.
> How successful are the repair places in matching pearl?
> With head hanging down,
> Douglas in Minnesota
> A4 1.8 tqm, sport, pearl, dented

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