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Anyone REALLY familiar with the innards of a 10V????

My name is Todd and I have a small problem.

I was reinstalling the head on my 5KTQ (same difference with 4KQ, UrQ, etc.)
with head studs. Well, one of the nuts on a head stud got away from me and
fell down the oil passage on the driver's side(LHD) of cylinder #4 (which I
had not seen). I suspect that this passage goes straight to the oil pan, is
that true?

There is some hope that the nut will come out with an oil drain, or that I
can fish it out with a magnet. If it does not fit through the drain I guess
that it's time to pull the pan. What cheeses me off is that I wanted to run
the engine on the old oil for twenty minutes, and then change the oil and
retorque the head. Time for a new plan.

Please respond to me directly.

Todd W