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Re: wheel bolt thread size

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From: Iain Atkinson (ETL) <iain.atkinson@etl.ericsson.se>
To: <quattro@audifans.com>
Sent: Thursday, September 23, 1999 2:35 PM
Subject: wheel bolt thread size

> Can anyone please tell me what the thread size is on my wheel bolts (Coupe
Q '85). Family pictures give the following M14 x 1   5 x 27. I would guess
that its an M14 thread but I need to know for sure.
> My reason for asking is that previous monkey's have all but stripped the
threads on one of the hubs and I wanted to run a tap into them to re new and
then purchase 4 new bolts. Any other BTDT much appreciated. Will it work
???? or am I better getting a new hub???

Careful. M14x1.5 is ISO Metric Fine. If you don't specify the 'Fine' you'll
probably get standard M14 which is 2mm pitch.
For safety reasons I'd go for a replacement hub myself.
Same hub (4/108mm) is used on I5 coupes strarting in the 85 model year so
should be able to find a
used one somewhere. If you're stuck for a source there's an Audi breaker
100yds or so
from where I work.