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RE: Ur-Q ... buyer's market or seller's market?

> >  Remember, it once cost $36,000 to get into one of these- 
> at a time when
> >  a loaded 5kt (no q yet!) ran to $22K-
> I don't have the original window sticker for my '85 but I did 
> find a copy of 
> the check the buyer wrote to the dealer for it among the 
> records I was given 
> by his daughter.  It was for $41,539.77 ... <cough, choke, gasp>

... yup, even though they didn't seem to sell all _that_ well, I never heard
the asking price come down much.  That is why I purchased my '83 used in '86
... for $22K ... YIPES!  :-)  At least I did get a brand new transaxle in
the deal ... 

In hindsight it probably would have been better for me to try to scrape
together the means to get a new one ... oh well!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
... not expecting my car to be an investment ... :-)