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RE: Dead spider

You mean spider down for a count...

Don't get too confident - you've not been driving it long enough.

Four wheel drifting this beastie may be no problem - but it is an extreme
maneuver in a car of this weight.

Do watch out on variable surfaces - patchy gravel - wet asphalt with smooth
and rough spots or painted lines and tar repairs. The spider bites when the
traction balance is thrown off by large variances in the frictive surfaces
and fools the torsen into oscillating the torque split.

Be careful - I like reading your posts.


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Killed by Martin Parker at BR Motorsport, who found that the rear left
wheel bearing retaining bolt was barely finger tight and the front
camber adjustment was way out.

Then we put the car on the BEM Muller rig ...

We spent six hours in total, working together in BR Motorsport's
workshop.  It was my first time setting up a Type 44 and it's quite
different to the Type 85.  The rear left camber adjustment had been
screwed all the way in to compensate for the loose bearing, so once we
had proper torque on the bearing we had to take off well over a degree
of incorrect camber!

The fronts were almost as bad.  My front right camber (the slots in the
top strut mounting) is now almost on the limit - if we want to go any
further we'll have to start metal-bashing underneath.   Once we had
camber back where it should be, all but the rear left were bang on for
toe.  It took us almost half an hour to free the toe adjustment up.

I went with Martin's recommendations - he knows how I like the
ur-quattro set up, and did much the same with the Type 44.  Just a
little more camber at the rear to cope with the weight.

The result is amazing - it's just as chuckable as the ur-quattro ever
was, though the absolute limits are lower because of the smaller tyres
and the extra weight.  Balance is much the same, and four-wheel drifts
on dry and slightly damp roads no problem whatsoever.

 Phil Payne
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