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Re: '85 Coupe GT engine swap

In a message dated 9/24/99 12:54:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time, OorQue writes:

<< Well, actually, I was referring to the NF motor, which was first used in 
the late '87 5ks, and uses a somewhat different CIS and ignition setup than 
the NG motor did.  However, the motors themselves are essentially the same 
and I'd think your results should be pretty close to identical as mine were...

    Not to be too disagreeable, but I did basically all these modifications, 
plus a cam, in my GT.  The car was quick for awhile, but it wore off very 
quickly.  Not that a turbo would keep me happy forever either, but I feel 
that for all the work associated with an engine transplant including the 
harness, a turbo is a much better way to invest that time IMO.  If you 
already have the NF or NG in the car, that is another story...
Javad (dreaming of that squirly wastegate sound in my 80Q)