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Fw: Lowered 80, Wandering car

Extraordinarily wide tires maybe???

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Sent: Thursday, September 23, 1999 10:08 PM
Subject: Re: Lowered 80, Wandering car

> In a message dated 9/24/99 12:28:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> Audi_80@email.msn.com writes:
> <<  Also seems like a wobble is
>  forming in the 55 mph range just like a month ago before I had the
>  replaced by the mechanic from hell.  This all points to ruined
bushings to
>  me, but I'd love to hear that something else is broken(mild sarcasm).
Or is
>  this a skittish behavoir of a lowered car, -60mm? >>
>     I have never experienced this just because a car is lowered (in
fact, I
> felt it tracked better and more accurately once lowered).  If you
> were pounded in, there is a good chance that your a-arms are bent,
> could cause you tracking problems.  IME, a wobble always starts to
> when the alignment is causing uneven wear, which is probably another
one of
> your problems...
> Javad