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Re: Eurolights question

In message <> Tony Lum writes:

> I think it was discussed a long time ago, but would anyone care to
> enlighten me as to the use of the tiny light bulb below the H4 bulb in the
> Hella Euros I managed to snag?  I believe they're referred to as "city
> lights".  I'm of a mind to install them this weekend and was wondering what
> to do with the little buggers.

We call 'em "sidelights".

These days, in the UK, they have almost no legal or useful function.

The light switch has three positions: Off, sides only, sides and headlights.

In addition, when the ignition is off the indicator stalk switches the
front and rear sidelights on each side separately.  If you park at night
on a dark road, it's possible to light up the rear and sidelights on the
side facing traffic.

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