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Re: front suspension noise--advice needed

Phil -

I recently replaced one of my strut bearings. It was enough of a pain to
do that I opted not to change it on the other side. But, yes you can
simply compress the spring enough till you can get the bearing out. I
didn't replace the other discs between the bearing and the spring; it
doesn't look like there's much that could go wrong with them.

The strut bearing that I got out was definitely not as smooth as the new
one, and that was only under my own weight; the difference may have been
more pronounced with the actual load on it. But it wasn't bad, and that
was at 157k on orignal parts. It's a big bearing and it's pretty well
protected. I was very surprised when I found that it's a plastic
bearing. Just didn't expect that.

Hope your problem goes away, one way or another.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 159k

Phil Rose wrote:
> Lately, when I turn the steering wheel even slightly when the car is at
> rest or just taking off ('91 200q), there is often a distinct pop or thunk
> that seems to come from the right side strut. I hear this noise whether the
> wheel is turned right or left (although it's not noticeable while the car
> is at speed). When I listened for it today with the hood up while someone
> turned the steering wheel, I could distinctly hear a ringing sound
> (coil-spring vibrating?) along with the thunk.
> Is this kind of noise typical of a bad strut bearing? The strut pieces are
> probably original and at 110k miles.  When/if I replace the bearings (on
> sale this week at TPC), should all the other bits between the bearing and
> the spring be renewed as well?
> Phil Rose                               Rochester, NY
> '91 200q                                mailto:pjrose@servtech.com
> '89 100