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Re: '84 TQC For Sale... worth it?


>I had a look at the '84 Turbo Quatro Coupe today

Did you write down the VIN? I would put money down 
that the car photographed was a 1985 model, visual
hints include:
-looks like sloped front grill, hard to tell from some angles
-seats, 84 had diagonal stitching like the previous US cars.
 the 85 has horizontal stitching like is shown, same for 
 door panels.
-seats, black or graphite colored leather wasn't available in 84,
 only brazil(brown) or sierra(tan)
-dash, the 84 dash had a more pebbly texture on the indents
 in front of passenger
-switch gear, the 84 had different switches than the 83 or later 
 85, these switches look like >85 switches, the outer edges
 of the 84 swtches had more texture on them
-diff lock panel, the 84 had the pull type diff lock, the 85 had 
 the rotary type diff lock with the LED gauges
-trunk lid decals, the 84 had sticker decals, the 85 had emblem
-stone grey metallic, this color wasn't available as a color in 84,
 it was a 1985 color

Thats not to say that the owner "updated" this 1984 to look like
a 1985 model.

>I found out it is chipped, has the cat cut out, no rear muffler only the
>center muffler, Alpine Speakers, leather interior which is perfect, no
>cracks in the dash either.  The only rust I saw was in the back pillar
>rainwater would leak out (easy fix) and it seems there has been some water
>in the trunk because the spare and the jack is rusted.  Body is in great
>shape only 59k miles on the speedo, new tires and 1yr old clutch, custom
>front spoiler.  some of the hoses have been taped using duct tape... so
>will have to be replaced (see photo) all for $8500...  worth it???  any
>comment appreciated.  What would you pay (offer) for it?

The hose with the duct tape on top is for the injector cooling fan, it 
wouldn't worry me too much. Did you check the turbo hoses in the 
lower front passenger side? Also were the lower ducts in place
under the radiator and by the oil cooler?

>worth it???

How did it run and drive? Was it quick or a dog? Was it tight or sloppy?
I don't know of any other urquattros in HI. There could be others, but
I would assume the pool cars you could pick from is pretty small. I never
saw an ur-q on Maui when I worked/lived there for a short time back in
89/90. (I did see a 928 with a surf board replacing the front passenger 
seat in Paia.) The car looks pretty clean for a 15 year old car which 
has lived on an ocean island. If I was in HI and wanted to buy an ur-q
I would definately consider it, the price is in the ball park and there is 
probably some room to negotiate. Does the owner still have the original 
front bumper and valence(a $1.5k-2k part when new)?

>heres the photos... (enjoy!  I shot them today on Lanikai Beach in Kailua

They really help in determining the condition.

Dave Lawson