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Re: Metal heater valve for Coupe q '85

Iain -

It's a little silly to think that this part is coveted, because it's a
cheaper aftermarket substitute. Your friend shouldn't have any trouble
finding one for a 5k from a similar year. I don't have the part number
handy, but similar heater valves are made by many of the aftermarket
companies here (mine is a Stant, I believe). It was around $15.

Wait a second, found the part numbers from my post in June: 

> The part I have is a Stant 20169 or XXV-H169 heater control valve. Its
> box lists a few cross references:
> 4 Seasons -     74671
> Everco -        H2970
> Murray -        277818
> and the Audi OEM part number is 431 819 809A, just to round out the
> list.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 159k