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200q Brake issues...

I've recently noted a brake problem on the 200q - 2 items.
1. On initial startup, will have a 'slightly' soft pedal, with more
slightly than normal ABS growling/whining noises. This will 9/10 times
stop after 100 feet or so.
2. After a long drive, the pedal will get significantly stiff. The car
will feel like a brake is dragging slightly in the rear. If I shut the
car off, pump the brakes once, it will go to normal. Start the car, back
to 1.

Car has Igor installed braided lines, etc. 32 pumps for bomb. Never a
low pressure light.

So - servo? Master cyl?

Dave Head
89 200q, 202K
87 5KCSTQ in driveway, awaiting shipper pickup.
Hungering for a V8 5spd...