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Re: EM nuts for turbo engines

Call Me CHEAP!

I "Double Nutted" the studs with 8mm stainless steel nuts that I got from the hardware
store. One to torque the EM to spec and one to hold the thing there. Cost $.30 each X 20
=$6.00 also used copper based anti-sieze on the threads.

Kim Johnson
1986 5ktq (broken but recovering)

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> < They do not. BTDT. Turbo EMs run _way_ hotter than
>  normal premium quality EM nuts can tolerate. It's amazing how many very
>  skilled but non-turbo oriented wrenches will lead you astray on this one.
>   >>
>     yes, but its so tempting.  These cost about $3 each at the dealer (you
> need 10), and the big 12mm nuts cost $8 each (you need 8 to do bolt the
> turbo
> on right)!!!  These are all made from titanium, thus the cost.  You are in
> over $100 by the time your done here!  Anyone know of a cheaper source?
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