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RE: URQ sorting out

My next idea... On the US ur-q, there is a temperature activated
vacum switch located on the head back by the distributor. From
what I remember, this came from the intake manifold to the
switch, and from the switch to the fuel control pressure regulator
located on the drivers side of the engine block. I would
make sure that these vacum lines are in place and hooked up to 
the correct port on the fuel control pressure regulator. There are
2 ports, one goes to atm and one has the vac line on it. Also
make sure the wiring is hooked up to the fuel control pressure 
regulator. This heats the bimetallic strip.

Another thing to check is make sure the idle screw on the
throttle body has an o-ring on it and screwed in all the way.
The ECU controls idle with an aux air valve at the back of the
intake manifold.

Also as Steve B mentioned, make sure all the grounds are
clean and secure, intake manifold, by coil, drivers side
engine mount and I added the strap from the front sheet
metal to the valve cover like you have on the coupe GT.

Since you are messing with the 3mm mixture setting in the
air flow plate, I would remove the hemisphere housing above
it and check that the plate is correctly centered in the opening
and not rubbing on the edge of the funnel. And while you are 
in there it doesn't hurt to clean it off with some carb cleaner.
Mine was gunked up and it only adds weight to the assembly.
And at this time you can statically set the height of the plate
using the mixture screw. There is a spec on where to set it,
but I can't remember it.

Dave Lawson