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Re: '82 Coupe motor questions

On Fri, 24 Sep 1999 08:52:07 -0700 (PDT), you wrote:

>Ken Keith writes:
>> Hey, what's the difference, interally or otherwise, between an '82 
>> Coupe motor, and an '85 4ksq motor?  Are the heads solid lifter?
>An 82 Coupe would have the 2144cc I5 that makes 100hp, has CIS injection.
>The 84+ 4KQ motor is 2226cc and makes 115hp, with CIS-E (5 more than the
>85-86 Coupe GT which also has 2226cc but doesn't have the trick 4KQ
>exhaust manifold).

I went to a local wrecking yard a few days ago, and discovered an
early 80's Coupé GT. It looked like CIS injection, not much wiring
under there. Other than that, it had the throttle body facing the
flywheel side of the engine. The car itself looked pretty ok, don't
know what was wrong with it. The timing belt was intact. The engine
bay was corroded/rusted on the injector lines, fuel distributor and
engine block, but, strangely enough, the big plunger at the fuel
distributor didn't stick at all. Smooth operation. The fuel
distributor was the old sort - orginally for 6 cylinders with one
"hole" plugged from factory, and no lines going toand no "box" on the
other side of the engine. What sort of engine is this? Does it have a
lot of electronics? Is it a 1998 ccm or 2144 ccm?