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Re: Eurolights, here's the details

In message <> Mike Arman writes:

> These lights use a single H-4 bulb, available in 45/60 (standard power, no
> relays needed), 80/100 and 100/130 watt ratings (you MUST use relays for
> these high power bulbs, and the bulbs have a shorter life). I advise relays
> for ALL installations in the interests of longer combi switch life. I find
> the standard output 45/60 watt bulbs to be totally adequate for anything
> approaching sane speeds, but if I wanted to cruise at 125 MPH plus, I'd
> want 100/130s, a paid up life insurance policy, and probably an airplane.

You _can_ get 100/175s.  In perfect weather, they're a great deal better
than even the 130s, but you don't get perfect weather very often and
they only last about three to four months each.  In less than perfect
weather, the more powerful bulbs tend to light up the crap floating
around in the atmosphere and you create your own mini fog bank.

It's also worth mentioning that Eurolights with high power bulbs have to
be kept _CLEAN_ - otherwise simple dirt scatter will blind oncoming

But if you haven't ridden behind a set of these, you've never really
driven at night.  You get to see _all_ the wildlife, too.

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