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Had occasion to call on an acquaintance this lunchtime. Don't know him very
well, but I was aware that he is interested in cars. This was the first time
that I have ever visited his home, pulled around the back of his house to
find no less than 3 Ur-qs, 2 Mercs and 2 Lotuses (or should that be Lotii?)
parked along with some grasstrack racers. Condition of the cars wasn't as
impressive though. One of the quattros looked very good finished in a very
glossy black but as for the others.....Very nearly made him an offer on the
spot for one of the Lotuses, a white Esprit turbo (once again not too good,
flat paint, tatty wheels) I've wanted one for years but thinking about my
lack of space at home brought me to my senses.
_Then_ the guy said that there were some other bits and pieces behind his
stables - looked like a pile of junk at first but then behind that lay
another Ur-q. 'Lay' is the correct word too. No wheels, no glass, dented
panels and judging by the undergrowth its been there sometime. He said that
he had bought it as salvage from an insurance co after it had suffered an
under-bonnet fire, intending to repair it but when he discovered the extent
of the damage decided to use it as a donor to keep the others on the road.
Well, _now_ I know where I can get some spare multi-plugs from.

BTW, anybody ever seen a cream headlining with diagonally-stitched panels? I
rather liked the look of it.

Jim Haseltine