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Urq for sale

David and everyone:

>From the photo, the interior looks EXACTLY like the interior of the Eurotrash
Princess, except that I don't have a wooden shift knob and leather seats.  Makes
me feel  alot better about the 86 4kq, that Audi didn't cut corners and give it
a plasticy feel, even though the car was a fraction of the price of the Urq.
Rocky told me that they were built on the same platform.  Looks like they used
alot of the same parts.

You did a great job on the photos by the way.  Nice beach shots.

That little rust spot is nothing to worry about.  You can put that to rest
permanently with Rustoleum and Fiberglass.  A decent paint shop should be able
to get the exact match for you (about $20 a can here in the Twin Cities)
Undercarriage (particularly around the fenders and rocker panels) rust is what
will kill you. And of course rust on any of the mechanical parts.  Rust is one
thing I've become too intimately familiar with lately.  As for Hawaii being
notoriously bad, I can imagine it would be quite bad with all that salt and warm
water around.  Here in Minnesota, the stuff they put on the roads seems to be
specially formulated to devour cars.  I always think there must be some kind of
conspiracy between MNDOT and Maaco.

As for the low mileage, if the car was in Hawaii the whole time, how high could
the mileage be?  It's not like you can go on any really long road trips.

4kcsq: Eurotrash Princess