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re New 90q Owner Questions

"Jonathan Jagolta" <jjagolta@erols.com> asked

I recently purchased an '88 90q and have a couple of questions.

1)  I need a new dash switch for the driver's heated seat.  How do I remove
the old switch to replace it?

2)  The interior lights will not go off after all doors are closed or the
car started.  I've been told I need a new relay.  Where is it?  Can I
replace this myself eaily?

3) The fuel pump is loud, it buzzes loud enough to be heard over the engine
at idle.  The car runs great, but I'm concerned the pump will go soon.  Is
it normal for the pump to be this loud?

I appreciate your help and have learned alot from since joining the list
this week, thanks!!
1) You just put a screw driver into the top edge (gently) and pry the cover
off.  Then use a larger size needle nose pliers to pull on the switch edge
plastic (gently).  If your problem is no light, you can change it using a
Radio Shack lamp.  Details on the QFOM.

2) I don't have a Bentley here at work so I can't tell you the relay
location.  However, be sure the door switches are clean and working.  If
they are missing their booties, they are suspect.

3) When the buzzing gets loud, they can fail soon.  On the other hand, they
may last for months.  The one on my wife's replacement 90q has been
excessively loud since April.  I may change it soon just for quietude.

Kirby A. Smith   New Hampshire USA
1988 90q Titanium gray, 182 kmi
1988 90q Stone gray, 187 kmi 
1995 S6 Pearl effect, 82 kmi