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RE: Needed: A4 Hood

Vortrag Motorsports, www.vortrag.com , has just introduced a vented A4 hood.
It comes primed and ready for painting and it looks fabulous.

96 A4q
K&N filter, Vortrag Motorsports Koni coil-overs, Big Reds, Fikse FM/10,
Yokohama AVS Sport
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Well, it looks like I will need a new hood and grill. The dreaded SUV
kiss did me in.

Anyone know of an A4 parts car in the mid-west? Bonus if its pearlescent
white. This is to replace the one on my A4 1.8tqm that received two
vertical dents courtesy of a rear mounted SUV spare.

Please let me know.

TIA, Douglas
Minneapolis/St. Paul