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RE: '85 TQC For Sale... worth it? YUP!!!

Hey All!!!

Im picking up that '85 TQC on monday... I'll do a final inspection of it
tomorrow just to check out some final items...

For those who have this car whats size rims does it take?  I know it is 5
bolt.  I also was wondering about EuroSpec Headlights, I have Hella h4/h1's
on my 4kq now and it required harnesses, does the coupe require harnesses
for the Euro headlights?

Thanks to everyone who has helped me come to my happy decision :)



'85 4kq 90000 miles or so (in the body shop getting all the dings and
scratches removed)
And on Monday I get to add a '85 URQ!!! 59000 miles and going to the body
shop thursday to get the spoiler repainted and 1" bit of bubble rust
removed.  :)  (My mom is going to kill me...  she'll say "You bought ANOTHER