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CV Joint won't come apart !!

My mech spent the better part of today trying to fix
a new boot on my CV axle which as of closing today
would not give way. I believe that the axle might have
been changed at some point in its life time as some 
of the threads on the triple square bolts were stripped.
The boot gave way two weeks ago and I managed to
get it in today so that I could get a new Lobro boot 
put on. 

Since the bolts were stripped, he attempted to 
separate the inner and outer CV joint but still had no
luck. This is on an '88 80Q. He mentioned  that he 
would try and use a blow torch Monday but I would 
prefer if I could get some insights that I could pass
on to him b4 he tries that. He is a good mech. and 
basically an import pro. that almost everyone including
myself are satisfied with. My car probably is the only
Audi atleast quattro that he gets to work on around
here regularly given that the nearest Audi dealership
is in Memphis, TN a two and a half hour drive. Thanks.

Mike Theuri