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Re: Long term planning - moving to q country!

What in the world has possessed your wife? I lived in Minneapolis for 2 
years. It is a great city with great people, but the climate is abhorrent. 
The winters are unbearable, and the summers are the muggiest you will ever 
experience. The second winter I was there, the temp didn't top 20 below zero 
for 3 weeks straight (at night it went down to 45 to 50 below, and I'm not 
talking wind chill, that was in the area of 65 to 70 below). The humidity 
generally parallels the temp, and 98 that is oppressive. To top that, the 
bugs up there are monsters (mosquito is the state bird, etc.).
On the other hand, northern Minn. is nirvana to the outdoor/fisherman type. 
They don't call it the _land of lakes_ for nothing. It can be quite beautiful.
What does your wife do? Natives would kill me for saying this, but have you 
thought about Colorado? Four seasons, great summers, second or third highest 
number of sunny days per annum, and stunning topography.
Minn. is good Quattro country, with snow covering everything for 3-4 months 
(mandatory Audi content). Like Chicago, you almost have to have a beater for 
the winter because of the chemicals they use on the roads.
Good luck wherever you settle in.