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RE: 2.7tt/S4 K03 or K04???

Phil Payne decided to speak these words:

>> Jim, it was my understanding that you didn't have to pull the engine to get
>> at the turbo's and they could be accessed from below.  If this isn't true
>> then I'm thinking there could be a lot of these cars on the market since
>> few people will pay the price of pulling the engine for major
>> service/repairs.
>Our local techs have been told that pulling the engine is the preferred
>way to access lots of things.  They think they can do it in 20 minutes.

A friend of mine saw this video, and trust me, audi made alot of things 
easy as far as removing the engine.  Basically the whole front of the car 
comes off in about 5 minutes, and then its just a few wire looms, a few 
bolts, and its out...

Its really really sweet...hehe


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