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Re: LT1 is an LT1

In a message dated 9/24/99 3:08:15 PM Central Daylight Time, malth@umich.edu 

> You can also get heads for a small block chevy, gen III (LT1) that give it
>  32 Valves, and it still has pushrods (no OHC).
>  I honestly don't miss my LT1 days, the Trans Am (whose engine IS DIFFERENT
>  from the Corvette's, in a few ways, but people still say the LT1-Q has a
>  Corvette engine when it has an f-body one) 

The biggest differrence is the 4bolt main and a relocation of the spark 
plugs, however, Bob and I only call it the LT1 (properly I might add), it's 
others that call it a vette motor.  Engine output is rated as the same, just 
about all performance parts bolt on to either.  Listing in parts books gets 
into corvette, only when bolting on crank type accessories.  However, IF 
tweeking the thing into the 400hp range, it is known that the 4bolt main is a 
better starting point.  The LT1 nerds (I guess that would include you Chris) 
know the difference between the two engines.  From an application and 
simplicity standpoint, they are identical for all intents and purposes.  We 
freely admitted the F-body roots to anyone that asks.  Suffice it to say, it 
didn't make a bit of difference to anyone.  Suffice it to say as well, a ride 
in it doesn't bring the 'wish' for the vette LT1.

>was not reliable, it held more
>  at the limit than our cars (stock) but only if there were no unevenness or
>  bumps in the pavement (a solid rear axle doesn't help anything) in which
>  case it would fishtail or spin out.  Plus in the rain, or in the winter,
>  the car was downright unsafe.  It was also a cop magnet.

The car might not be reliable, but the engine and it's electronics sure are, 
30years of development takes nothing from chevy engineering (and Bob and I 
found the hard way the electronics bolt on the 4300 v8 too:)  The painless 
wiring harness from Summit with 4wire hookup, made the electronics part the 
easiest in the swap (the rest unique plug and play).  Chris, looking at the 
above, the 016 type 44 quattro application sure addresses most of your 
complaints :).  I personally enjoy the .5 second twist of the key on startup. 

3.89 gearing sure adds some free effective HP and torque to the equation.  
After having just taken a totally tweeked (hoppen stage III) to a private 
track for testing, all I can say is "torque" rules.  What the RS2 turbo 
pushes at 5000rpm, the LT has at less than  half that.

BTW, the LT1Q (*f-body*) will be at Road America this year.  Come on out 
Chris, you won't view any LT1 the same after a ride.....


Scott Justusson