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Re: S1 and sport-q data (warning tor*en content) long

I've asked the tor*en question form Hannu, and he ran the S1 with it.  He
also mentioned Walter not being real happy with it, especially on loose
surfaces.  I seem to recall Hannu saying that he ran two rallys with the
tor*en centre, and Walter ran one.  I wonder what center diff Hannu's newly
acquired S1 from Sutton has?  :^)

If rumors turn out to be true, I'll be seeing him soon at an Audi-esque
event at a track soon - I'll feel dumb but I'll pop the Tor*en questions at
him again.  The cars are A4 supertouring cars with diffs (heh), but
interestingly enough, last year sometime, pushing one out of the shop the
first time with the rear up in the air, I could not help but notice that the
diff gear ratio is longer in the rear (numerically higher) by some visible

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland

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Subject: S1 and sport-q data (warning tor*en content) long


At the 1985 SanRemo the rumours are that Walter Roehrl used a tor*en
center diff in his winning S1 and a variable multi-clutch Porsche 959
system has been used on the 85 1000 Lakes rally. The 959 centre
clutch should not be confused with the PDK gear box which had the
main function of being able to change gears under full throttle.
Other sources say that with the introduction of the 6 speed gear box
variable torque split center diffs were used for the first time. Not
sure if the sport-q ever run a six speed box though.
Another data point in the never ending tor*en debate from the
"father" of the quattro system Jorg Bensinger quoted from an Autocar
& Motor article 6 Sept.1989
" Bensinger elaborates: The tor*en diff feeds more torque to the
output that is spinning more slowly,so,when cornering,mote torque
goes to the rear wheels. It reacts before you can even measure a
speed difference, so on snow the car will go straight into
understeer. With a fixed 50/50 split, sometimes the front wheels will
spin so you get initial understeer then oversteer,which is less
>From the very beginning we looked at all 4wd forms available ,
including viscous couplings, before opting for a 50/50 centre
differential and manual diff locks. Had we known about the tor*en
diff then, it would have been in the orignal Quattro"

Source: various books like the Lewandowski sport-q book, Walter
Roehrl Biography "Die Sucht nach Perfektion" , Scharnagl Rally-
Jahrbuch 85/86 - 86/87and the best book about the quattro ever: Sieg
einer Idee by Paul Frere

- Hans-Juergen Schneider
'93 S2 Avant
'89 CQ 20V