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robert myers said...
        The TAP mod you describe is (I believe) the *EXACT* same "mod"
performed by
SuperChips on my '89 200tq.  The diode is a 4.3 volt zener diode and the
resistor is a 470 ohm resistor.  I can even tell you the exact location and
orientation of these two components.  It served to limit the signal from
the pressure transducer to the equivalent of a reading of about 1.25 to 1.3
bar.  This is why the dash boost gauge did not work.  It was reporting what
it read from the transducer output which had been jimmied.  

        soo..following the info on sjm's excellent site i had strapped my
intercooler and installed new rotors pads and bomb... and even one of scott
j's wastegate springs. I selected a 1.8 spring since i was new to a lot of
boost anyhow...so maybe this helped me (my motor) survive.
86 5kcdtq, tap chip sjm spring
84 5ks
84 5ksw
many cyclops bicycles