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Re: water injection

Mike Mulholland wrote:
> igor, i never used water injection...but enjoyed reading your post. in the
> '50's we used to decarbonise our cars...(mine was an austin a40 devon, and
> later an a90 atlantic) by pouring peroxide in a thin stream into the carb
> with the engine on fast idle.

When I came to the States 10 years ago and first told a car mechanic
here about my experience with the water injection back in Russia and its
cleaning effect he said -oh yeah, we know about it and use it all the
time to clean old engines of deposits. They would unscrew the air filter
cover, soak a sponge in water and slowly squeeze the water into the carb
of a running car. You need an assistant inside to modulate the gas pedal
otherwise the car would suffocate and stall. He showed it to me on some
old car they had in for service and I couldn't believe the amount of
black carbon smoke bursting out of the tailpipe. So, as they say in such
cases in Russia, nothing is new under the Moon.

>         you mentioned previously about your disapointment with a tap
> modified ecu. following your post i noticed that although my car moves
> really fast... the on board boost guage never goes above 1.4. is this an
> indicator of a similar mod? 

Yes, that's _precisely_ the sign of the resistor/diode hack. Ned's mod
for the 10v allows the boost gauge to go above 1.4 so he definitely uses
another approach.

> i purchased the ecu used from a lister and it
> has been good so far.

It is good B-f-B mod, but please watch your boost level. If it goes
above 18psi at prolonged WOT, do the adjustable WG asap!

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros.