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Re: Speedometer lying at high speeds?

    Well my car does have a cam maybe that had some influence on the top
speed range since it is geared for high end speed.  The speedo is electronic
and that means to me it's on the money all the time.  My wheel and tire
combo is almost a perfect match for my stock rolling diameter, very slight
difference.  For what the brochure says I have a feeling that may not be
    I can't wait to test the top speed with the 5 speed manual installed,
hopefully faster.  I know that going from 130 to 165mph is a huge leap.
Once a car gets moving that fast it's hard to get it further without some
serious horses.
    My car just kept on going, it usually starts to get labored at 100mph
then slowly creeps to 105mph, this time I got to 105mph the car kept on
going faster all the way to 125mph.  I didn't realize that I was going that
fast until I looked and I saw 125mph to my serious amazement.  I almost
slowed down but the road was clear and I felt like pushing the car to the
end.  Probably ~127mph, but I couldn't keep an eye on the speedo because I
was moving to fast not to pay attention to the road.  Crazy feeling going
that fast, wether it was 120 or 130mph that doesn't really matter to me, the
feeling was amazing.  Once I slowed down I realized that my heart was
pounding like crazy and I noticed a Trans-Am was also trying to play catch
up with me.  He slowed next to me, looked the car over, and dissapeared
through traffic.

Craziest Regards,

Alexander van Gerbig
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HÖR Technologies Sport Hydro Cam, K&N Filter
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