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Re: Speedometer lying at high speeds?

In a message dated 9/25/99 7:03:41 PM Mountain Daylight Time, ti@amb.org 

<< Their accuracy
 depends greatly on the rolling circumference of the tires, and that
 varies from brand to brand even if the tire size spec is the same.
 The degree of tire wear also influences the circumference (more than
 you might think).  Add different-sized after-market wheels and tires and
 there's even more variation. >>

Bigger means slower though so his Speedo would read low not high.


87 4000 CS quattro (Speedo Calibration right on when driving past trailer 
with speed read-out)
85 Quantum GL5 (Speedo is 5-6 mph fast when going past at "30" mph yet is 
right on at "65" MPH? Maybe not though top speed in all gears is higher than 
the owners manual says by almost 7mph.)
73 Beetle (Does the Speedo even work?)