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Re: Speedometer lying at high speeds?

In a message dated 9/25/99 7:21:53 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
orin@wolfenet.com writes:

<< I guess the spring in the speedo gets weaker with age and allows
 the needle to move more for the same speed, hence the high
 readings on the older car.
 There is also the theory that if your instrument accuracy is
 +/- X mph, then it is deliberately set to read X mph high...
 for product liability reasons.
 My 5kcsq reads between 3 and 6 mph high at 60 to 80 mph. >>

When I had my odometer fixed they re-calibrated my speedometer because it was 
3-4 mph fast when I took it in and now it is right on the money.  Maybe 
everyone just needs to get theirs re-calibrated.

My speedometer in my quantum also does a lot of bouncing around not to 
mention it reads fast.  Is the only way to fix this to get a new Speedometer 
and get the mileage set to what the old one said which is over 217,000 now?  
Would this be off to because if you are reading 5 mph over lets say for 
100,000 miles how much of a difference would that make in your odometer 
reading?  Just some curiosity there maybe you have some answers for me?