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Re: S4 still available in San Francisco

Michael Sheridan Williams wrote:

> jeez all, i cant believe no one on the list wants this S4...we have had
> it for 5 days now and it hasnt sold.  I do have one customer that is very
> interested, but obviously that is not done yet.  I would love for the car
> to go to someone on the list, but from the response, no one wants this
> car.
> I have driven it and trust me, it pulls like a freaking freight train.
> Its phenominal.

Ill bet if you take a poll there isnt anyone here who "doesnt want this car".
Affording it is another question...!

My biggest reservation...? Exactly as you say (in so many words).  The car is
too new for the dealers and the people that work there. "Hey, lets flog this
thing".  breaking in an engine correctly is paramount to longevity. After
everyone gets a turn, I wouldnt touch the car with a ten foot pole.  So how
many "good, easy miles" has this baby seen in the last 5 days? Ill bet the
joy riding customers dont care about the rpm limitations for the break in
miles. The only possible way I would take a delivery of one of these would be
with delivery miles only. Not sure whats customary for that...but any more
that a dozen miles or so Id be nervous.
my .02