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RE: Auto Temperature System- I don't get any heat???

Well, the climate control system in the 5kCS usually runs hot water through
the heater core ... even when the air conditioning is running at anything
less than max cool!  I would suppose that you have one of 3 problems ...

1) someone disconnected the heater core because of a leak
2) someone plumbed the vacuum to the heater valve incorrectly so that it is
closed all the time
3) the Bowden cable for the "blend doors" is disconnected, or the motor that
drives the cable on the A/C programmer (behind the glove box) is busted.  

While my prime suspect would be #3, the other two are easily checked by
following the heater plumbing off the back of the engine ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

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> Subject: Auto Temperature System- I don't get any heat???
> This is my first time using the list and from what ive been 
> told is an 
> extremely useful asset.  I just hope someone can help me with 
> my dilemma.  I 
> have an 86 5000 CS Turbo Quattro and i love it. However i 
> don't get any heat 
> when i use the system.  All the other controls except the 
> hi/lo work.  A/C 
> works too but when i turn the heat up it just blows air.  
> Someone told me 
> that it might be a rod that opens up a regulator within the 
> system but i 
> don't know where it is and what to do.  Also when i was 
> driving the other 
> day the trip computer went blank.  I dont know if a bulb blew 
> or what.  IT 
> was there and then it faded on and off for a minute and just 
> went out. 
> Please HELP ME.  Many, many thanks in advance.
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