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Re: Speedometer lying at high speeds?

"Alexander van Gerbig" <Audi_80@email.msn.com> wrote:

>    I am talking to my German friend as I write.  He is claiming that all
>Audi speedometers lie about speeds.  I told him my top speed which I
>achieved yesterday on a straight and very empty strech of highway.  The 3
>speed auto hit the end of it's range 6,200 rpm then the Motronic ECU said no
>more.  The speedo read 130 mph which amazed me, I had never gone that speed
>before.  I stayed at that speed for a very short time but I know that is
>what the speedo read.  He claims that isn't possible in his book of Audi
>specifications.  He claims top speed for a 3 speed auto 2.0L 80 in Germany
>is 192km/h, my top speed of 130 mph is roughly 208km/h.  Then he claims that
>in Germany all Audi speedos from older cars are known for lying about speed,
>this true?
>    He sounded angry that my car did 130 with a 3 speed auto and his 1.8T
>K04 equipped 80 tops out at 165 mph.  He had his RS2 cluster checked at a
>Bosch facility and at 150km/h on the dial the actual speed was 142km/h.

We have a couple of the digital speed indicators along the roads here where
I checked my speed a couple of times. Both my 80 and 90q were pretty
accurate up until quite high speeds. There must be some discrepancy at high
speeds though- I had my 80 1.8 up to 125 mph once- far higher than its
official top speed. The 80 had original-size tyres, while the 90 has
195/50s instead of the proper 195/55s.

The Daewoo Leganza 2.2 I'd rented for my recent tour of the SW US was
optimistic by about 5mph @ 65. VERY accurate below that- verified by the
digital speed indicators again.

Zeist, The Netherlands
87 90q NG engine